China Sets Framework for Cloud Computing Development

On January 30, the State Council published a document entitled Guiding
Opinions for Promoting the Innovation and Development of Cloud
Computing to Cultivate New Types of Information Industry Services. The
document lays out China’s national policy and strategic developments
regarding the cloud computing industry in China, and will be the basis
for further policies and regulations.

In the Guiding Opinions,
the State Council defines cloud computing as a “regulated industry”
that will be subject to a government licensing model and cloud-specific
security and privacy legislation and regulations.  

Key Objectives:

  • By
    2017, build a reputable domestic cloud industry and ecosystem with
    deployment across multiple sectors – by 2020, cloud should be deployed
    across all sectors of the Chinese economy
  • Improve the level of cloud computing for enterprises and government
  • Develop domestic cloud computing indigenous innovation capabilities
  • Implement pilot cloud applications to grow the industry
  • Optimize infrastructure, including broadband and data center development
  • Ensure that security is a focus of China’s cloud deployment, including personal privacy and regulation of cross-border data

A full Chinese version of the Guiding Opinions is available on the State Council website,


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