Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory
(ADF) is a fully managed cloud-based service that automates the movement and
transformation of data.  Where users can quickly create, schedule, monitor and
manage operationalized data flow pipelines.  ADF simplifies how to compose
services together, like HDInsight and Azure Machine Learning,
to move and transform data of all shapes and sizes on-premises or in the cloud
for deep analytics.

ADF has a simplified content with the interactive learning map
which will guide you through a few short steps to get up and running with ADF
and dive-in to the details of using ADF.

Some of the features in ADF include:

  • A Visual Studio plug-in for authoring and deployment now included in the Azure SDK
  • Improved monitoring and data lineage network visualization
  • Integration with Azure Machine Learning
    and Azure Batch
  • Enhanced cloud resource management capabilities
  • Connectors
    for several common on-premises and cloud data stores
  • Globally deployed data movement as a service

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